How It All Began…

The Trunk & Orderly story began many years ago with a chance discovery in the back of a North Melbourne office surplus shop.  Joel Adams came across two unusually shaped, red fibreboard cases.  Joel had a growing collection of vintage cases, and as a cabinet maker had once fitted out a shop with cases as display tables. Joel searched for the brand on the label – Everlite – and found that they still operated, and were local. He enquired about getting some custom cases made up for a possible new venture at that time, but it didn’t go ahead.
Fast forward five years and Joel was again rummaging for treasures, on an online auction site. He came across some interesting looking old machinery. Joel visited the seller – it was John Eland again, third generation case-maker of the Everlite Travel Goods company. It turned out John was selling up his entire factory of case-making equipment… and the stock. Now in his eighties, offers from developers for his factory on the Darebin River in Thornbury were just too tempting for John to pass up. Everlite was retiring.
Joel was on the lookout for a new venture, so, with partner Anna, they nutted out a plan and made John an offer.  Joel spent some time with John learning the many processes involved in putting together a case. They put all the machinery and stock in several trucks, and drove on up to Ballarat, where Joel is based.   John came up to help with setting up the equipment, keen to pass on his craft.
And so Trunk & Orderly began.  Joel’s background in sculpture, cabinetry and product design at Crumpler, and penchant for  things of well crafted and functional simplicity, are manifested here.

What We Make…

Trunk & Orderly pays tribute to iconic suitcase design with a new range of fibreboard cases, storage boxes and furniture.   Much of the fibreboard and hardware used in production today is authentic U.K. vintage stock. Fibreboard is a compressed board product designed for durability and strength, and has been used by case makers for over a century.   The strength and craftsmanship of our products is guaranteed to withstand the rigours of an average day out/ holiday in Cambodia/ stashing stuff.  Extreme travel (beware the fierce hand of the baggage-handler) will cause cases to scuff- adding character and mementos of adventure.
The cases are also fully customisable – ideal for collaboration with architects, interior designers or one off custom orders.
Each product is individually handcrafted in Ballarat, Australia.