Stacker Chest of Drawers

Our latest addition to our storage furniture is a set of fully modular drawer units, in either a 2, 3 or 4 drawer unit.  They have been designed to be a modular system that allows each unit to be flipped so that the larger drawers can be on the top or the bottom.  They can also be stacked onto each other, as each section will locate onto the other.  They are made in a Victorian Ash, and Tasmania Oak hardwood frame which is finished in a natural wax/oil finish.  Drawers come in an assortment of colours.  If you would like a specific colour please contact us.

2 drawer unit

Stacker 2 drawer unit, 460mm wide x480mmdeep x 540mm high $ 750.00 each $1400.00 pair, plus delivery

3 drawer unit

Stacker 3 drawer unit, 460mm wide x480mmdeep x 690mm high$ 850.00 each  $1600.00 pair, plus delivery

4 drawer unit

Stacker 4 drawer unit, 460mm wide x480mmdeep x 840mm high $ 950.00 each  $1800.00 pair, plus delivery


Steel Tower Of Drawers

Provides drawers in a range of sizes to accommodate a variety of office or studio supplies and documents. This striking tower of drawers makes storage a statement.  Standard Unit comes with 2 suspension file holder drawers.

DIMENSIONS small W470 x D490 x H825mmSmall  $1200.00 plus delivery

DIMENSIONS large W380 x D470mm x H1620mm        $1800.00 plus delivery

This concept can be customised to suit specific interiors.
FINISH Powder coated steel frame


Memento Chest

A beautiful hardwood cabinet, featuring 8 storage boxes in mixed sizes. Locally sourced leather strapping closures. Designed as a keepsake storage unit.
DIMENSIONS W710 x D368 x H1580mm  $2800.00 plus delivery

FINISH Hardwood finished in natural wax

Memento Chest

Lamp with Base  (multi-storage unit)

Designed with small living spaces in mind, this unit will store books, CDs, art objects, vital documents, an entertainment system or anything else that needs to be tucked away, all in one neat and attractive package. Features fibreboard CD drawers, document cases and suitcases. The height of the hardwood Crate shelf can be adjusted manually, up or down the grooved wooden dowel. The pendant light atop the unit is adjustable, to illuminate as it suits the individual user.

DIMENSIONS W1600 x D450 x H2600mm BASE: W200vx D450 x H1400mm  $4200.00 plus delivery

FINISH Black MDF, White Birch Ply, Tas Oak, Vic Ash, 2 Pack Clear and wax finish



Our in-house cabinet maker constructs units to hold Trunk & Orderly storage boxes.  These are ideal storage solutions for home, office or retail environments.  We can custom design and build storage units, or build to your drawings.   Cabinets are available in raw or black MDF board, hardwood or laminated veneers.  Other materials can be arranged.

Delivery can be arranged Australia wide.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.